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I have a Master of Technology degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a Bachelor’s of Engineering again in Computer Science & Engineering from Punjab Engineering College (now renamed to PEC University of Technology, a deemed university). I have around 22+ years of experience in the IT sector. You can read more about my professional profile on LinkedIn.

I intend to blog here on the things that interest me like:

I studied Saṃskṛta till class 12th and then, off and on, I have kept in touch with it. The topic of my Master’s dissertation was “Sandhi Analysis using Two-Level Morphology” where I tried to apply Finite State Transducers to the problem of Sandhi Analysis. I have been doing a little bit of service at Sri Ma Trust and that has allowed me to keep in touch with Sanskrit over the years. And then, sometime back, I found friends who were avid Saṃskṛta enthusiasts and that has kindled a new interest in Saṃskṛta.


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